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Expired Coupons Recently expired coupons sometimes still work, so feel free to give these a try. Promo Code. At any rate, most importantly here, we got James Clear, who is a real expert on habit formation amongst other things. But James I gotta admit is a seriously prolific writer. One is Seth Godin. Another is my friend Brian Johnson —who just incredible content producer for his optimized program.

And the other is James. At any rate James is obviously a writer, a blogger, an entrepreneur. Super cool. We all need to know how to do that. James lives in Ohio. So James thanks so much for joining me today. James: Yeah, absolutely. And very inspiring to hear about your Burpee Challenge too. So well done so far. Mark: Yeah, thank you. But every time I do they join me on it. At the office. And just to show up on the mat every day to do this burpees has become a real discipline in itself. James: I had period where I was doing pushups a day.

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And I developed a similar mantra, I guess. It was almost like an internal chant that I used to just get in the right frame of mind as I was doing that. Mark: For sure. To wit my broken foot. But one of the benefits is that you can get into a deep state of awareness. And access peak states with your breath and a mantra. So you integrate those movement, breath, and mantra which is kind of one of the cores of my teaching with Kokoro yoga.

You can do that with burpees, you know I mean? You could just do burpees and get the same results.

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James: You know, I actually did something like that when… So I played baseball all the way through college. However long the inning lasts. And then you come back into the dugout. And then I would have… It was almost like an internal hum that I would do, but was just it was just a rhythmic pattern.

I want to be, like, the one bringing it to the batter. And it helped me maintain that kind of level of focus throughout the game. Rather than let my mind drift, or start questioning what I was doing or what…. Mark: Sure. I had a similar thing, where I would organize my breathing and a mantra any time we went out for a run. Or a long swim. Or pretty much any routine. You know? They were literally talking themselves out of the game you know I mean? Well done.

At any rate, we got off on a wickedly cool tangent, without even me asking you my formative question. Which I ask everybody, which is really just tell us about your early life? What were the foundational experiences that made you who you are today? James: Sure. Great question. So I grew up in Ohio.

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My parents still live in the same house that I grew up in. And very close family life. And my grandma would make dinner for 18 people. But that was great. That was a really good experience so I was really close with my family and cousins growing up. My dad played professional baseball for the St.

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Louis Cardinals for a while in the minor leagues. And so of course growing up I wanted to follow a similar path. And so baseball and sports played a significant role in my life.

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  • I did a lot of different sports growing up. Swimming, basketball. I did football, for a year, but in football there are like guys who are giving hits and there are guys who are getting hit.

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    And I was always getting hit, so I switched to baseball and basketball pretty quickly. But I really enjoyed that and I still identify very strongly as an athlete. And I had a very serious injury. Was placed into a coma overnight I was air-cared to the hospital. And it was very long ordeal. Took eight or nine months to recover from. So that really set back my baseball career. This happened part way through my high school career. I played very few innings of varsity baseball in high school. But I still really wanted that to be a big part of my life, and so I ended up managing to make a college team.

    Played in college for four years and kind of the punchline to all that was that I ended up being an academic, all-American my senior year.

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