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These coupons totally work in any zip code in the greater Portland or Seattle, Washington area. Thanks for keeping on top of this subject for us. I used to get jealous of all the good cpns in other zips people were reporting on but have found that either they are for products that are not sold in my area at all, or is a new product that is not in my area just yet or that very same coupon will eventually show up a bit later in my zip code offerings.

Which brings me to a question to throw out there…how about the ethics issue of using more than one printer per household.

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I saw someone mention they had 14 printers in there household so 28 cpns could be had for each item. Many coupons only have a limited number of prints and I would feel bad taking those intended for other, esp those in the zip they were originally meant for. I only have one printer anyway and I cringe at having to pay for the meager amt of ink I go through. Just curious.

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Kind of makes me wonder why…. Another great topic! Oh man, I just love a good debate on coupon gray areas! Sometimes hot coupons will only have so many prints — take those Kelloggs coupons, for instance. The hope of the manufacturer is to get those coupons to as many households as possible. Now only one household gets the prints versus spreading it across 13 households.

Remember my goal is to share deals that the majority of my reader could do.

Good thoughts here — good thoughts, Karen…. It is funny that you mention Jill Cataldo because I had been struggling to remember her name to find the piece she did on expired food on Safeway shelves. I have been having trouble with my Safeway and their expired goods and my last shopping trip was no exception. The cookies alone had exp dates of Nov Great post.

Thanks for your thoughts and I agree — if they wanted to put those limits, they can and should! What complicates matters is when they fail to make a clear statement on it. Then that leaves publishers such as myself wondering what the best practice is.

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One of my affiliates said go for it, and another cautioned me. This is definitely a gray area, and one that I will continue to see what I can do to bring clarity to. I still disagree with this issue.

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If I live in zip code , but I am using coupons in — which zip code do I use? What if I am at a location not at home printing coupons? What if I live in zip code , but work in zip code and I shop in neither area? What if they do not always shop at the same place? I wonder then, is it also wrong then to get a coupon from a friend that gets a different area newspaper than you get? Of coupon trade groups that mail coupons to different areas?

Or asking people to mail rebates that are in a different insert than the one you get? My other point of discussion is that the second guy said not to share coupons that are only in specific area codes, but what if somebody from that area code is reading the blog? I actually was reading through this and had a similar thought… I would still consider myself a newbie coupon-er and it is difficult for me to get my hands on multiple copies of my Sunday Paper as we live in a rural but seasonal destination area.

Which means using and collecting coupons is a little more difficult as there is only one larger paper that is actually for the nearest large city about 75 miles away and so getting multiple copies delivered on Sunday has not a possibility for us. We do have a few newspaper boxes around town but with the increased popularity of coupons they are raided early in the morning, if I do not make it to the box by 7 am on Sunday the papers are all gone or at least all the inserts are.

This also means that our prices are significantly higher than even the largest major city. Long story short, my extended family has started collecting their Sunday Inserts and mailing them to me on a monthly basis. Some of my family and friends do live out of state, but I never really considered the ethics of using out of state coupons. I realize that this is a little different than obtaining online coupons with different zip codes, but it is in the same category.

What are your thoughts on the topic? Additionally, with our community being so dependent on tourism which has obviously taken a hit with the economy… I have started to work with our local food bank to try and help put together a curriculum to integrate with their other financial classes that they offer to help educate many of our struggling locals feed their families.

Many people in our community do not have the internet or a home computer because it has been cost prohibitive or they have not stayed up with the times, so I think it is vital to explore some of these ethical issues when showing people how to effectively use coupons. One additional question I have is… in trying to develop the coupon program with our local food bank we have been exploring the idea of placing a coupon bin next to the newspaper recycling bin on Saturday mornings the only time we have recycling collection in order to try and collect coupons that we would be able to make large grocery runs to our nearest large city for the food bank and also setting up a coupon distribution for families that need financial assistance.

What we have found is that many of our families that could really benefit from coupon usage do not have the time nor resources to collect coupons and match them up with the deals in our local area. What sort of ethical issues would you recommend we watch out for? Restricting IP addresses? No coupon sharing if you and your friend have access to different newspapers?

The manufacturers want you to purchase their product. The coupon distribution companies that are online are making money from those manufacturers to distrbute a limited amount of prints online. Everyone is getting some kind of benefit. Are we now going to protest coupon trading groups? I, foe one, belong to a coupon trading group because I cannot afford to print or purchase newspapers for the coupon inserts for all of the coupons I need to feed my family and my community.

What do we gals do? We trade. Yep, the old fashioned barter system. How many do you have and how many do I have that you need?

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Our coupon trading community of students, moms, dads, teachers, charity workers, organizers, etc. No one is stealing the coupons. Some people are for sure misusing the system. Most are not. I have a friend in the military who is not issued toiletries by the very government he works for. So I help him in his current situation and am helping him stock up as much as humanly possible for when he is deployed to Afghanistan the last quarter of this year.

Get over yourself. Most are not stealing. I certainly am not. Did I trade coupons for valuable Crayola print coupons to get 16 boxes of crayons and a few packages of scissors for foster children who could not afford school supplies? Get off your high horse and do something useful with your life. My goal is to veer on the conservative side of couponing. While your comments and opinions are certainly welcome, your personal attacks of me are not and you walk a fine line with the comment guidelines set for this site.

Consider yourself warned, my friend. Donna, as a coupon blogger, this is something I get asked about a lot. I feel it is a topic worth discussing. Have a good day! Thank you for this! I am new to couponing and I saw on a database a certain coupon and zipcode. I was wondering if that is acceptable.

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Thank you again! Oops I forgot…so is trading coupons the same as putting a different zip code in for printable coupons?

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Thank you. Look for it under the personal care section. While it should come up without inputting a zip, I found mine under why am I sharing this information? While you should not have to input a zip to find it, I did notice it was showing for Why am I sharing this information? While it popped up for me without having to enter a zip code, I did see it under why am I sharing this information? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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    find coupons by zip code Find coupons by zip code
    find coupons by zip code Find coupons by zip code
    find coupons by zip code Find coupons by zip code
    find coupons by zip code Find coupons by zip code
    find coupons by zip code Find coupons by zip code
    find coupons by zip code Find coupons by zip code

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