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Standard shipping rates apply to all orders. Snake River Farms ships its meat in specially designed boxes that keep it fresh during shipment. Due to the nature of this product, Snake River Farms is unable to accept returned products.

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If you're unhappy with your product, contact customer service about getting a refund. They now have a staff of 60 managing a farm with over animals including chickens, sheep, ducks, cattle, and pigs. New cameras allowed Chester to create more hi-def professional shots. He knew how to apply his nature-cinematography skill set, using a specialized thumb-size Innovision macro lens on a probe snoot to shoot bees and snakes low to the ground. He kept an Inspire1 drone in his living room and deployed it to catch a deep fog rolling in over the house and the orchard.

For the Infrared cameras to film night predators like the bobcat, he used a Sony A7S with its IR filter removed, so that the camera would only record in black and white. I never told anyone in the business I was making the film, until literally, the editing stages.

Visit Apricot Lane Farms and you will find a verdant utopia of trees and gardens and pastures, as sheep and cattle graze on grass they are rotated around the farm to munch, trample, and poop , protected by solar-powered fences that deliver a nasty shock. Shaggy Great Pyrenees live with and guard the chickens and livestock, alert at night, sleepy during the day.

A long, narrow shed shelters a moist worm bed in a deep compost bin.

Two Market Locations:

This is super-rich, dense worm poop. They have microbe-rich gut bacteria. As the worms eat the compost, their gut biology infuses it with more microorganisms. We take the worm poop and cut a two-inch layer off the bottom, and put it in the brewer.

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Not only are the animals enriching the fertile soil, but lemon leaves are also a natural dewormer. When parasites crop up, the animals instinctively lap up diatomaceous earth from a rolling blue shed dispenser. While other farms lose a high percentage of their rain, top soil and nutrients in run-off to the ocean, Apricot Lane Farms held onto much of it; 24 inches of rain this winter replenished their aquifer at the rate of 27, gallons of water per inch per acre, sequestering as much as ,, or nearly million gallons of water.

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Not that nature is easy. The Gaboon viper has the largest fangs.

Antivenom is the only treatment and is a century old. Made from antibodies to venom which is injected several times into a horse, it will work for bites from the same type of snake but not necessarily any others.


Some species are not very well covered. That is a big problem the manufacturers have to address. Doctors and nurses may not be confident of the antivenom they have.

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Healthcare providers were reluctant to use them because of the side effects. Dr Philip Price, the snakebites science lead at Wellcome, said adverse reactions were a real problem.

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