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Ranked 1st nationally in agriculture. Picture UC Davis. UC Davis housing includes residence halls, Student Housing apartments, campus apartments and cooperatives. Use your unlimited access to the Activities and Recreation Center by keeping fit in group classes, dancing, martial arts, personal training, racketball and more.

Explore acres of flora and fauna in the UC Davis Arboretum, including a secret garden near the horse barn and redwood grove.

West Village qualifies as a UC Davis hot spot for transfer students. Known for great pizza, Tex-Mex and specialty coffees, our CoHo is the place for meeting and eating — not to mention studying.

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Study with friends or take a class at the Student Community Center. You can gain leadership skills and learn about culture, identity and community. Our award-winning residential dining commons offers a delicious array of choices to suit all tastes, including vegan and vegetarian dishes. By joining Aggie Pack, you can participate in the largest university spirit organization in the nation and support your favorite teams. Put on your pajamas for our Pajamarino and rally with the Band-Uh at the Davis Amtrak Station to welcome Aggie alumni before our homecoming football game.

As such, it is yet another F2P game. Thankfully, the in-game premium currency crystals can be acquired fairly easily without having to pay a dime. And similar to Summoners War, there is a daily mission that rewards crystals each day. Resources I still haven't come across a wiki yet.

I'll add more here once I dig up more resources. Your team consists of 10 players: 3 Offensive, 3 Mid, 3 Defensive, and a goalie. The goal is to break through the enemy line and break through the goalie's defenses to score a goal. At the moment, a game seems to instantly end once a goal is scored. The game will also end if the match goes on for 45 minutes time goes very fast in game. Attack commands: Penetrate: Attempt to break through a defensive character. You will usually not lose the ball when you do this but there is a small chance they will steal the ball from you.

If you reduce their HP to 0, you move onto the next part of the field. That character can perform one action before returning to their position. Pass: Pass the ball to another player. The player you pass to gains a damage boost on their turn. Shoot: Take a shot on the goal. You will lose the ball when you do this. If the goalie reaches 0 HP, you win. Defense commands: Steal: Attempt to steal the ball from a player. If you reduce their HP to 0, you steal the ball and move up the field.

Again, that character can perform one action before returning to their position. Block: Reduces the enemy's action meter, either causing them to delay, or forcing them to pass the ball to another player. Each character also has a unique skill, which can range from really strong commands, buffs, nerfs, or HP recovery.


Starting out First, if I recall, it asks for a username I believe the limit is 9 characters, considering I was forced to use DontMindM. It will also ask for a referral ID.

I didn't enter one when I started, so I don't know if you get extra crystals for being a referee. If you do, let me know and I'll update this. Also, be sure to join the Global Server.

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Next, pick a character both choices are fine and play through the tutorial. You can ignore the silly story after the tutorial, the story seems to completely disappear , but pay attention to the game mechanics. Finally, go to the event's tab. There are several events going on right now. Since the game JUST came out, you get a lot of great stuff in your mailbox right away. Some other events: Quiz: If you answer the question right, you get 10 crystals.

If you get it wrong, you get 1. Check this thread for answers. Daily Coupon Event: Provides a promo code each day, which gives you a coupon free rare pull. Global Release Special Event: Contains a lot of information.

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The main point is that you may want to get to level 20 before the event ends. After that, just progress through the Story Mode and various other modes will unlock. Currencies Gold: Used for various things, such as training and evolving. Used to buy cards found while scouting. This is the premium currency. It is used to draw new cards, expand inventory, and restore ST and BP.

[Soccer Spirits] Teambuilding w/ Metacolm :: Mono Thunder (April 2017)

Menu There are three menu areas: Visiting, Lodgings, and Management. Visiting : Where you play matches Story Mode: Pretty straight forward. You just progress by competing against various CPU teams. Once you finish an league, you can return to it to complete sub-missions for rewards. They all seem to have the same sub-mission: Score times with a Shoot skill, Finish the match in a certain amount of time, and beat a certain score. If you are looking for managers, some of the free mode missions reward them.

Frederick County

Challenge mode unlocks after completing chapter 5, but I haven't tried it yet. Uses "ST". I found the rival match to be a good way to burn energy quick and get a decent amount of EXP per 10 stamina , but your team needs to be pretty decent to beat even the easiest match. Colosseum of Despair: Progress through a series of matches to rise in rank.

Once the season ends, you are rewarded based on your rank. Uses "BP". Sometimes you will be hit with a bullshit team that is a much higher rank than you. You don't appear to lose rank for losing, so go ahead and eat the lose. The team will most likely be replaced with an easier team.

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